The ski touring program starts in Kulusuk where you fly to from Iceland to access East Greenland. There is a small hotel there that is also the base for a heliskiing operation run by “Shinsetsu International Ltd”. The helicopter will be used to access the remote Tasilaq Mountain Hut where you will spend up to 5 days (depending on weather) exploring the high glacial region surrounding the hut. The heliski operation will provide safety backup and logistics support as well. There are also options for snow mobile and dog sled on terrain close to the Kulusuk Hotel. There are a number of options for tours but like any mountain trip, weather will play an important part in where you go. On average you can expect 2.5 days of bad weather during which time the amount of touring you can do may be restricted.

Sea Ice with dogs


Day 1: Arrive in Kulusuk from Iceland around 12:pm. Check into Kulusuk Hotel and sort equipment. Rescue exercise at Kulusuk Hotel. Local ski tour on Island. Dinner and Breakfast at Hotel Kulusuk.

Day 2 to Day 5: Fly by helicopter to the Tasilaq Mountains Hut. Ski touring in the Karale Glacier region. Tasilaq hut is situated in a prime position to offer many days of touring by heading inland or descending towards the fiords below. The hut is warm with all facilities and all that is required is a sleeping bag.

Day 7: Local ski touring

Day 8: A visit to Kulusuk village before catching the plane back to Iceland.

Note: This is just a rough schedule and can change depending on weather.


Access is via Reykjavik on Air Iceland or by private charter which is slightly more expensive but more efficient. Faye Parker Graham my New Zealand travel agent has been to Greenland and made connections in Air Iceland and is happy to organize all our tickets for this portion to make sure we all get on the plane and get a good group rate. Weather can cause delays in Iceland or Greenland and having an agent who can re arrange flight schedule is invaluable and certainly takes the stress out of visiting Arctic regions. The plane for Greenland departs from Reykjavik domestic terminal on a Saturday morning so you will need to arrive the previous day in Iceland. We will return to Iceland on the following Saturday, arriving back early evening in Reykjavik. The international airport (Keflavik) is approx 1 hrs drive from the city of Reykjavik and the Domestic Terminal where you depart for Greenland is 15 minutes from the city centre. In Iceland there are a plenty of hotels in downtown Reyjkavik and I can help you make a booking or you can shop around for good deals. It is good to stay in central Reyjkavik as this is where all the good restaurants are and it is close to the domestic airport. Hotel costs in Iceland are not included in the package.

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