The heliski area is on the East Coast in a region named Angmagssalik. The mountain ranges are between large fiords coming off the Greenland ice cap. The highest peaks in the region top 2000 meters but generally most of the mountains are around 1000 meters and rise directly from the ocean. The fiords are mostly ice filled and the surrounding ocean is pack ice making the region only accessible by boat in the summer months after the ice breaks up.

The skiing is on the satellite islands formed as the Icecap has retreated leaving an archipelago of granite islands. The ski runs usually start from the peaks and are between 800 meters and 1100 meters long. The terrain is spectacular, skiing down toward large icebergs and picking on the water’s edge is what makes this region unique. Every day we try to venture somewhere different as we work our way back up the fiords or explore different islands and sometimes check out small Inuit Villages in the region.

Spring is the best time to visit this region as there is more snow on the glaciers and the snow pack is usually well settled resulting in less avalanche danger. The weather is also more settled and with longer days even during storms there are more possibilities to get out! This is one of the most spectacular places on earth and in spring when the ice breaks up the contrast with the blue ocean, snow, icebergs, and mountains is simply amazing! Coming to Greenland it is all about the experience of the Arctic![/text_output]


Access is via Reykjavik either by a regular Air Iceland service or by private charter company “Eagle Air” in their Jet Stream 32 aircraft. The plane for Greenland departs from Reykjavik domestic terminal on a Saturday morning so you will need to arrive the previous day in Iceland. We will return to Iceland on the following Saturday, arriving back late afternoon in Reykjavik. The international airport (Keflavik) is approx 1 hrs drive from the city of Reykjavik and the Domestic Terminal where you depart for Greenland is 15 minutes from the city center.

I can help with flights and also arrange your international connections, accommodation or any additional tours in Iceland if you like.


In Iceland there are a plenty of hotels in downtown Reykjavik although my favorite is the Iceland Marina Hotel. It is good to stay in central Reykjavik as this is where all the good restaurants are and it is close to the domestic airport. Hotel costs in Iceland are not included in the package.
In Greenland we stay at the hotel Kulusuk which has good facilities and is close to the Kulusuk Airport. The dining room has an amazing outlook over the sea ice toward the mountains. It is a little like living in a lodge!
It is 30 minutes walk into the small Kulusuk fishing village. Kulusuk is one of the last hunter gatherer communities left in Greenland and the village is an interesting place to visit.
Hotel Kulusuk (2)


We use two different charter companies although they both work together on many jobs throughout the year. Air Greenland and Greenland Copter supply B3 helicopters with full emergency equipment. The B3 Helicopter is a very safe helicopter and also the best machine for helicopter skiing in the world!


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