Greenland is the most spectacular place I have skied, the week offers a fantastic opportunity to experience somewhere completely different (more spectacular than Antarctica). It is not CMH and things in Greenland don’t operate with the same efficiency. The weather, snow quality or flying hours are not guaranteed and there is no refund policy.

In saying this the runs are close and I manage the operation to give you the best variety of terrain , skiing quality and maximum number of runs possible for the number of hours flown. I believe it is a very high quality product and from experience feel that the weather is stable enough that you will get to have a great trip although you can expect a day or two doing alternative activities. The days are long and we make the most of every flying opportunity.

Snowboarding East Greenland

Some members of my group are now coming back for their 9th trip so this does speak for the region. You do need to have a sense of adventure and a desire to check out an amazing place. Coming to the Arctic is the adventure and skiing is the means by which we explore the region!

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