Kulusuk Hotel is now well set up to cater for our needs. We have a substantial amount of gear in Greenland including a supply of skis, poles and snowboards if guests prefer not to bring their own equipment or in the case of lost luggage. We have 5 sets of ski touring equipment for weather days but if you like touring and have your own gear it is a good idea to bring this. We also have a snowmobile!

Depending on what the group wants to do, there is the possibility of an overnight in a small Inuit village although this needs to be organized well in advance.

East Greenland Skiing

I will try and put together 3 to 4 groups of 4 pax and use two helicopters. I have had delays in the past due to mechanical issues so have decided to run with a second helicopter. This also allows an opportunity for groups to explore terrain that is further away and also for us to do overnight trips to the small village of Sermiligag and explore terrain further north. For the repeat guests, this trip will be all new terrain! With a second helicopter we can also work with one group and travel a long distance. We had a group this year that wanted to ski where no one had been before and to explore the sea ice in search of polar bears. This was possible as we had a 2nd helicopter so could cater for everyone.

Another region that has never been explored is Schweizerland at the top of the Sermilik Fiord so for the group that wants to explore just that little bit further this is now possible.

Having a larger group gives us more negotiating power for charter flights in the case of delays due to weather.

Qualified Guides

Kevin Boekholt has been guiding since 1982 and became an IFMGA guide in 1985. Kevin is a director of www.alpineguides.co.nz and also owns and operates Shinsetsu International Limited. Kevin has been guiding around the globe for more than 30 years and has been a lead guide for Canada’s best heliskiing company Canadian Mountain Holidays for over 25 years! Kevin has been operating in Greenland since 2003.

Joining Kevin is a crew of qualified heliski guides including Jeff Bellis from Canada, Caroline Ogden from Europe / NZ and Maxi Balakovsky from Helipro Russia.

The Group

I always try and put together compatible groups that fit in socially as well as can handle the skiing. I have enough connections to find guests every year and don’t advertise randomly via the web. It is important to get the group right and I have had no problems achieving this to date.

Backup Facilities

While Kulusuk has an airport it is basically a small Island with a hotel 5 minutes from the airport and the village is 20 minutes walk away. The airport services a much larger village (2000 people) 10 minutes flight to the south called Tasiilaq. In Tasiilaq there is a hospital with English speaking doctors and modern facilities.

Air Greenland operates a helicopter that services this region as well as some of the outlying villages. If we have a problem this machine is available as a backup however it is not an additional helicopter for heliskiing.
Some weeks another guided group will also be operating in the region but based from Tasiilaq. The guides are friends of mine and we work together to offer support and are in regular contact in case of emergency. There are good communications via helicopter plus I carry a satellite phone.

Flights to Greenland

Air Iceland operates a regular flight service from Reykjavik to Kulusuk with two scheduled flights a week. If there are delays due to weather there is an option to use a charter flight which is about double the cost!


As per normal heliski, temperatures range from -10 to + 5 although it can get colder. I will supply avalanche transceivers and harnesses (for skiing on glaciers) unless you have your own. I will take care of any other safety equipment and have a range of guest packs with shovels and probes although if you own a shovel and probe please bring these.

I have a selection of skis and poles in Greenland however you may prefer to ski on your own. My gear is all in good condition so if there is anything you like you are most welcome to use it. We have wax and tuning gear in Greenland and try and keep the gear in good condition. I can send you a list of skis available.

Airline Tickets

I can help to arrange a group booking on the flights, international connections, accommodation or any additional tours in Iceland if you like.


It is best to get full trip cancellation insurance as Air Greenland has a no cancellation policy once a payment is made. In the past I have had people wait listed for the trips but this is not a guarantee.

Email me for more info or to book

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